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The Daily Chum: Sharks get their own beer, enable the hell out of me

I wanna get that, wanna get that, wanna get that.

If you follow me on Twitter (or if you’re good at reading between the lines) you know I live in Southern California. This poses all sorts of problems as a Sharks fan, but thanks to NHL.TV it’s pretty manageable — or it was, until now.

The Sharks recently unveiled a branded beer, partnered with Gordon Biersch, a San Jose based brewing company and it looks incredible. The beer, titled Chum Red Ale will hopefully be more appetizing than the mental picture conjured up by the title.

While Gordon Biersch beer is available nationwide, it seems unlikely that the Sharks beer will makes it way down to the southern part of the state. So that means it’s road trip time. Or... well, if someone from the Sharks wants to get in touch with me to get my address, I’m sure we can work something out.

My hope is that this expands to multiple varieties. What about an IPAvelski? Or a Porter Marleau? Let’s get a whole bar going with just Sharks themed beer.