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The Daily Chum: The night Phil Kessel killed USA Hockey

Pack it up, the tournament is over now.

Ice Hockey - Winter Olympics Day 14 - United States v Canada Photo by Martin Rose/Getty Images

The United States got its ass kicked by Team Canada on Tuesday night. The Americans lost 4-2 and despite trailing for nearly the entirety of the game only outshot the Canadians by two (36-34). I bring that up because the nature of score effects should have given the Americans a huge shot advantage, particularly in the third period.

That didn’t come because this team is not good and the Canadians are incredible. But you knew all that already. The real death, the truest one USA Hockey died, came shortly after its loss on the ice. You may recall that Phil Kessel, one of the best American skaters, didn’t make the cut for this tournament.

He remembers, too.

Just in case that tweet ends up deleted, I’ve got it in perpetuity here:

Adios. USA Hockey can disband now because it is not recovering from this brutal burn from one of its own. Maybe Tyler Johnson, another incredible forward left at home, can chime in with what he did on Tuesday night.

Don’t let management-friendly hot takes fool you: this team wasn’t built to win. The blame for this piss-poor showing at the World Cup of Hockey sits squarely on the shoulders of Dean Lombardi and John Tortorella. The players did their best, but their best just isn’t good enough to compete against the best in the world.

It’s likely the players know it, too. Kessel certainly does.