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The Daily Chum: Go Badgers

It’s what Joe Pavelski wants.

NCAA Mens Hockey - Frozen Four - Semifinals - Wisconsin vs Maine Photo by G. N. Lowrance/Getty Images

The College Football season starts in earnest today and while I imagine it’s not the first sport for many of you, it’s a signal that fall is around the corner and so is the hockey season. As such, we at Fear the Fin are officially backing the University of Wisconsin Badgers this season in support of Sharks captain Joe Pavelski.

The Badgers take on No. 5 Louisiana State University, a school known for its inability to spell “Go” and a coach that goes from being on the hot seat to getting a statue built every season. This is a tough test for our Baders, but with the power of Joe Pavelski behind them, I believe.

You can catch the game on ABC at 12:30 p.m. PT. They’re playing at Lambeau Field, another historic venue that ... wait, how have we not played a hockey game there before? Put a pin in that.

Consider this is an (un)official gamethread for the Badgers game today. And I guess we can talk about Pavelski, too. Why not. On, Wisconsin!