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Sharks vs. Coyotes Gamethread

Desert Dogs, Desert Dogs, Desssssssssssert Doooooooooogs!

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight's Sharks-Coyotes game will not be televised or broadcast in video form in any way. You can find the radio stream on the Sharks website (I'll link to it here once it goes live). While you're in very capable hands with Dan Rusanowsky and Bret Hedican, no Randy Hahn means no Desert Dogs Drinking Game which is honestly the best reason to watch a Sharks-Coyotes game.

As such, we'll have to make do without it by using it in here as many times as possible. Carry on this proud tradition, everyone.

You can read our preview, check out some Sharks storylines or even read about Canada's World Cup of Hockey victory. I'll be firing up our Facebook Live series again on Monday, so if you've got questions for me you can either save them for then or email me at Marcus and I will also be podcasting at some point over the next week, so keep an eye out for that.

Other than that... enjoy the game!