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The Daily Chum: Please stop putting Warriors in Sharks jerseys

I hate this so much.

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I know I’m a couple days late on this, but I’m a well-known hater of the Golden State Warriors and managed to keep this off my radar for almost long enough to escape it completely. Alas, when the Sacramento Kings and Golden State Warriors play a preseason game at SAP Center on Oct. 6, fans will pick up a Klay Thompson bobblehead.

Neat. I love it so much.

Please stop doing this, Sharks. Or Warriors. I don’t know who’s responsible but I really need this to stop happening. This isn’t quite as bad as the Steph Curry monstrosity from a year ago, but only because I’m slightly more indifferent to the existence of the other “Splash Brother.”

Can we get DeMarcus Cousins in a Sharks jersey? Please? I don’t feel like I’m asking for too much here.

If you want tickets to this game you can head to Ticketmaster to pick them up.