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The Daily Chum: Logan Couture and the Buffalo Bills: A love story

God bless his heart.

San Jose Sharks v Buffalo Sabres Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images

Logan Couture grew up in London, Ontario, a 144 mile drive away from Buffalo, New York. As many Ontario natives do, Couture developed a love for the Buffalo Bills, a team that is charitably described as being tough to be a fan of.

Through the years Couture has tweeted a lot about the Bills, and with the NFL season quickly approaching I went through his tweets to find some gems. As usual, Couture didn’t disappoint.

At 21 years old, Couture is still rattled about the Buffalo Bills losing a football game. God bless that level of earnestness.

Whoa whoa whoa, what’s the deal here? Cheering for the Niners, at least tacitly, makes sense given where Couture plies his trade. The Giants though? As a Bills fan? C’mon man.

Still following along even as the Bills entered that contest 2-9. I guess that’s not all that surprising — if he’s stuck by the team for this long he’s in it for the long haul every season, I figure.

This was the last tweet Couture sent about the Bills until the draft in 2012. That’s probably because from this point on, Buffalo won only twice. Ouch.

This comes after the Bills’ got their butts kicked by the 49ers. Poor Logan.

The truth is revealed... Couture watches the Bills for laughs — or, that’s what he says to get through the teary Sundays on the couch, I assume. This next tweet is sad. Prepare your hearts.

It’s all worth it. After tweeting about Stevie Johnson many times over the years, Couture finally got to meet. Johnson plays for the Chargers now, which may be the biggest weather gap from NFL city to city in the damn league.

Then Couture took things into his own hands. If you ever want your butt kicked on Madden, go ahead and shoot me an email, Logan.

This is Couture’s most recent tweet about the Bills, which makes me wonder just how excited he is about the upcoming Bills season. The team went 8-8 in 2015, which I guess is pretty good for a team hailing from Buffalo.

Godspeed Logan, I admire your dedication. My Rams will see you on Oct. 9, bud.