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Patrick Marleau is Mr. Shark in this new shirt

Yes, that’s Mr. Shark to you.

Joe Thornton has a shirt. Joe Pavelski has a shirt. Brent Burns has a shirt. You can even wear Lifestyle Beards on a shirt. Now Patrick Marleau, finally, has a shirt of his own. We’ve partnered with Breaking T to make some damn cool shirts in the past but this is one of my all-time favorites.

To celebrate Patrick Marleau approaching his 500th NHL goal, we’re unveiling this awesome Mr. Shark t-shirt which you can see below in all its glory. All its missing are thick, bushy eyebrows which I can only assume were flexed off with the totally unpractical sleeves.

You can pick up your shirt by using this link. Tell your friends. Heck, tell Patrick Marleau while you’re at it. His clothes are too nice; I feel like he could stand to wear a nice t-shirt now and again. Worst case, I’m sure Brent Burns could always use a new shirt; or maybe he can give it to Joe Thornton. I hear the dude is running low on stuff to put on his torso.