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Help support UC Davis Ice Hockey

Especially the Sharks fans on the team.

Update: Every donation also gets you an entry to win a pair of San Jose Barracuda tickets!

One of the coolest things about the creation of the San Jose Sharks has been the growth of ice hockey in Northern California. UC Davis Ice Hockey has, at least in some small way, benefitted from the Sharks and can now in a more direct way get help from San Jose fans.

The Aggies are looking for donations to help cover expenses for what is obviously a very expensive support. We here at Fear the Fin want to support the cause of UC Davis Ice Hockey and are looking for your support, as well. The readership here has been extremely supportive in the past whether it’s been for charities like Next Door Solutions, the victims of the Pulse Nightclub Shooting or for sending fellow Sharks fans to their first game.

I have no doubt you’ll find it in your hearts to be equally generous now. Need a little encouragement? Say no more. Here’s what’s in it for you beyond the warm fuzzies. Forward me the confirmation email to fearthefin[at] you’ll get from your donation and I’ll hook you up with one of the following (it’s a grab bag!):

Oh, and every donation gets you an entry to win a Fear the Fin t-shirt or a pair of San Jose Barracuda tickets (I’ll do separate drawings, you greedy jerks). I’ll do the drawing once they’ve wrapped up the donation process. I’ll try to add more to the raffle pot — so if you have something you’d like to donate, email me at fearthefin[at]

Donate at least $5 and you get one (1) of:

-Fear the Fin sticker

-UC Davis Ice Hockey Sticker

Donate at least $10:

-Fear the Fin sticker

-UC Davis Ice Hockey Sticker


Okay, that’s it. Tell your friends.