Rosterbation Series: Sharks Acquire Duchene from Avs.

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Alright what's going on guys...

CheechYou back again, here to bring you another Rosterbation as we approach the TD.

This one has the Sharks making a blockbuster deal with the Avs and getting Matt Duchene to shore up a forward corps that has been underwhelming so far this season and concerning for a serious run at the cup. Landing Duchene would go a long, long way towards squashing that concern, particularly as we hopefully heal up before POs and get Hertl back.

Here's the deal:

To SJ:

M. Duchene


N. Goldobin

B. Dillon

T. Wingels

2017 1st

Harp on the guy all you want but Dillon's been good this season and a top4 guy on most teams. And I'm confident in at last one of DeMelo/Heed holding their ground on the bottom pairing with Schelmko from the Sharks POV. Goldobin's a great prospect for the Avs and the centerpiece of the deal. Wingels (or Boedker instead?) is pretty much a 4th liner solid grinder, good locker room guy, and cap dump mostly. But the likely-late 1st rounder sweetens the deal with Goldy and Dillon. Stranger blockbusters have happened is alls I'm sayin, and this honestly is a decent return.

Final Lineup:

Hertl - Thornton - Pavelski
Donskoi - Couture - Labanc
Marleau - Duchene - Meier
Boedker - Tierney - Ward
Vlasic / Braun
Martin / Burns
Schlemko / DeMelo
(Scratches: Karlsson, Heed)

Here's the link to the roster with all the cap details:

Thoughts ? I was thinking it's a decent enough return for the Avs, but maybe Boedker goes into that package instead of Tommy? Anyhow, landing Duchene, getting/staying healthy, and playing to our capability no doubt gives us the best shot at a cup in team history.

I'm CheechYou signing off.

As always...

Keep Rosterbating.

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