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Joe Pavelski on power play: It’s not time to abort the mission

The captain feels like the team is close.

Jacob Sundstrom

LOS ANGELES — Joe Pavelski doesn’t feel like the Sharks have played to their ability on the man-advantage this season, but he also doesn’t think it’s time to “abort the mission” just yet. One possible reason for the lack of success? A little less time to practice the details.

“That’s definitely one thing (about not practicing much) if you get a little bit of time (to practice) you can reset (the power play) once in awhile and get back to your basics,” said Pavelski. “But I think we have an understanding as a group having been together for the past six or seven years of what we need to, so it’s on us that we need to be fresher on it and we need to score more goals. We haven’t scored like we can.”

The Sharks’ power-play percentage remains near the bottom of the NHL (22nd at 16.6) but is attempting plenty of shots on net (97.27 per 60 minutes according to, sixth in the league). Their scoring chances have dipped (21.42 per 60, middle of the pack) and it seems more of their chances are being blocked (70.38 unblocked shot attempts per 60 is also middle of the back).

“(Blocked shots) could be (a part of it),” said Pavelski when clogged shooting lanes are part of the Sharks’ problem. “There might be a few more blocked or we might not have the net presence we should have. Once we get rolling we’ll figure that out as a unit.”

Pavelski wouldn’t commit to a particular problem, but acknowledged the team has looked at a few areas.

“There have been moments, you look at some of the different metrics and numbers and you see there are some things you’re doing well,” said Pavelski. It’s not something where you have to abort the mission entirely but there are some things you can change up and do a little bit better.”