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Mirco Mueller scores using a FRICKIN LASER BEAM

Over the Red Wings FREAKING HEADS.

It turns out that Mirco Mueller can score every once in a great while. For just the second time in his career, the defender ripped a frickin laser beam into the back of the net to put the Sharks ahead 2-1 on Saturday night.

Mueller now has two goals and five points in his NHL career. His goal was assisted on by Dylan DeMelo and Joel Ward, both of whom I imagine heartily welcomed an added apple to their counters.

San Jose entered the first intermission with a 3-1 lead thanks to tallies by Patrick Marleau and Joonas Donskoi.

For further visual clarification, here’s what it looked like:

Yes, that’s a frickin Shark with a frickin laser beam on his frickin head.

I’ll be here all week guys; because nobody is going to hire this sack of bones out here making 19-year old pop culture references. I guess that means y’all are stuck with me forever.