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Fear the Five: Happy Hour

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Rounding up the best social posts from October 8th to the 14th.

NHL: Buffalo Sabres at San Jose Sharks Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back, Sharks fans! This week saw some crazy hockey action - from the San Jose Sharks’ first win of the season, to Joe Pavelski demonstrating some serious Captain America strength on his stick, and the most rad warm-up jerseys we’ve seen in a while. Let’s dive right into the top five social posts from around the team!

#5: Los Tiburones

Meet Jesse Hernandez, the artist behind the gorgeous Los Tiburones jerseys sported by the Sharks in warm-up and given to all the fans in attendance at last night’s game. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I have a new favorite jersey now. ¡Gracias, Jesse!

#4: Low Rider

¡Viva Los Tiburones!

A post shared by San Jose Sharks (@sanjosesharks) on

Fall may be here, but this video has me feeling like summer could last forever. Who doesn’t love a little NorCal hockey mixed with a classic song from the 70s?

#3: I Spy...

Look closely, everyone, and you’ll spot what Sharkie is most allergic to - ducks! Well played, Sharkie, well played.

#2: The Dynamic Duo

The Sharks’ twitter knows no bounds on snark. Can we start a petition for them to call Brent Burns and Joe Thornton the Wonder Twins, the (Bearded) Dynamic Duo, Batman and Robin - or all of the above?

#1: Who Run The World?

That high-pitched noise you hear in the distance is me squealing over this amazing tweet and this amazing hockey player. ¡Vamos, chica, vamos!

Bonus: It’s Celly Time

Oh, Brodie. We love you.

That’s all, folks! Tune in again next Sunday for another countdown of snarky, entertaining, and just plain awesome social posts. In the meantime, the Sharks will play the Montreal Canadiens (October 17th), New Jersey Devils (October 20th), and the New York Islanders (October 21st). See you next Sunday!