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Midweek Mailbag: We got this

Do we need to rebuild? How are the kids?

NHL: Montreal Canadiens at San Jose Sharks John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports

The Sharks have finally won a second game, so my inbox can’t be that gloomy, right?


This year is make or break. If this year ends in another first round exit, a rebuild isn’t out of the question. There are only so many times you can finish in the middle of the pack, get a bottom end draft position, and still continue to be a team that competes.

Even then, I have a hard time believing we need a full rebuild, because we have so many good young pieces that it won’t be difficult to get this team to a place where they can compete.

This year? No. Next year? Maybe.

That is, unless...

Yes. Absolutely yes.

I’ve said this before, but acquiring John Tavares would keep this team from needing to rebuilding for five years, easy.

As to pursuing him via trade? Maybe not so much. That’ll depend on how the Sharks and the Islanders are looking come January. A guy like that, you know that you’re likely losing a NHL defenseman or forward, a prospect, and a pick. I’m not sure exactly who we have that could fill the Islanders needs and for someone who could end up being a rental, it’s a steep price.

But this summer, during free agency? I hope Doug Wilson is on the phone every day working to make that happen.

So, let’s approach this from both angles.

The kids aren’t alright: The Barracuda are struggling to open their season strong, currently sitting in sixth place in the Pacific with a 1-2-0 record. On the Sharks, Timo Meier and Ryan Carpenter have been pretty quiet so far.

The kids are alright: Joakim Ryan and Tim Heed are absolutely phenomenal at the NHL level. Kevin Labanc is carrying our power play and is now tied with Logan Couture as the Sharks’ scoring leader, thanks to Couture’s four point night last night.

I’m going to say the kids are alright. I think just because Meier and Carpenter didn’t explode out of the gate this year doesn’t mean they aren’t going to be effective players. Ryan and Heed are the best thing that could’ve happened to this defense group. I’m proud of Kevin Labanc as if he were my own son. The Barracuda had a rough start last year, too, and went on to make it to the Western Conference Final.

Yeah, I think the kids are alright.