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Sharks vs Bruins Preview: Looking to stay hot in Jumbo’s old stomping grounds

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Oh, and have you heard of Logan Couture? He’s pretty good at scoring goals.

NHL: Boston Bruins at San Jose Sharks Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

The San Jose Sharks are hoping to keep up the momentum tonight for game four of their five-game road trip against Joe Thornton's original club, the Boston Bruins. After a big 4-1 win against the New York Rangers, the Sharks seem to be getting their groove back. Logan Couture continues to stay hot, while the kids continue to impress with Tim Heed netting his NHL goal.

The Sharks’ impressive penalty kill record (sitting pretty at 97.0%) will be key against the Bruins, who have had a rocky start on the power play, but managed to net three first period power play goals against the Vancouver Canucks. The Sharks will try to capitalize on an injury-stricken Bruins team, who have lost key players like David Krejci to the IR.

Martin Jones will be in net, facing off against the Bruins backup goaltender, Anton Khudobin. Starter Tuukka Rask suffered a concussion in practice, and though medically cleared to play tonight against the Sharks, will be sitting in as backup. The Bruins’ defense has been the biggest casualty when it comes to injuries this season. The Sharks will aim to maintain their offensive and get some momentum going with a win tonight.

The puck will drop tonight in Boston at 4:00 PST.