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Fear the Five: Happy Hour

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Rounding up the best social posts from October 16th to the 28th.

NHL: San Jose Sharks at Buffalo Sabres Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back, Sharks fans! The Sharks finished off their road trip to the east coast this week and Joe Thornton is now tied for 20th all-time points in the NHL. Let’s dive right into the top social media posts from around the team this week:

#5: Jumbo!


A post shared by Brodie Brazil (@brodienbcs) on

Brodie Brazil made the prediction that Thornton’s next point (putting him at 1,398 all-time points and tied for 20th with Jari Kurri) would be an assist, not a goal. To be honest, I think we all expected that. Glad to see Brodie can poke fun at himself!

#4: Hello From the Net Side

Who can pass up a great Adele pun about our favorite back-up goaltender?

#3: Cheers, Jumbo!

Honestly, who doesn’t love a reference to the greatest sitcom of the 80s? As the song says, we’re glad you came, Jumbo.

#2: Saturday Morning Java

For those of us on the west coast, 10am PST puck drops on a Saturday are...not ideal. Thank goodness for coffee and fantastic goals to keep us awake!

#1: It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

The “We Cheer For You” commercials might be my favorite campaign the Sharks have created to date. Tomas Hertl with a floral backpack definitely takes the cake in this commercial. His co-star, Dylan DeMelo, even gave a shoutout to him for the laughs.

Bonus: Burnsquatch

In case you missed it, Brent Burns teamed up with Jack Link’s Jerky to make an 80s-inspired workout video with the one and only Sasquatch. Prepare to get in an ab workout of your own from laughing.

That’s all, folks! Tune in next Sunday for the next installment of our favorite Sharks social media. Comment below with your favorite post from this week or tweet at me with your candidates for next week!