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Fear the Five: Happy Hour

Rounding up the best posts from Marvel Theme Night.

NHL: Ottawa Senators at San Jose Sharks Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back, Sharks fans! This week saw the greatest comeback (so far) of the season with Thursday’s 5-4 OT game against the Carolina Hurricanes, a Sharks Alumni game to benefit Bay Area Fire Relief charities, and Logan Couture’s 400th point. This week, we’re recapping the best posts from the Sharks’ Marvel Theme Night against Ottawa.

#5: Shark-vengers Assemble!

Everyone says Joe Pavelksi is hockey’s version of Captain America, but are we entirely sure he isn’t the actual Captain America? If Chris Evans ever wants to retire, we know whom Marvel should call (shoutout to the NBCS Sharks Twitter for this amazing Photoshop job).

#4: Obligatory Slow Motion Shot

Among the multitude of superhero references the Sharks made last night, this might be one of the best ones. They say life imitates art, but it seems as if Karlsson is imitating Hawkeye in this case.

#3: Spider-Sharkie

‪Outfit #3 for @SanJoseSharks #marvelnight: #Spidershark‬

A post shared by S. J. Sharkie (@officialsjsharkie) on

It’s our favorite friendly neighborhood Spider-Sharkie! Not only did Sharkie dress up as Spiderman last night, he also surprised fans in Shark-sized costumes of Captain America, Superman, and Deadpool. You can head over to his Twitter for all the shark-tastic photos.

#2: Hooked on a Feelin’

Break out those out-of-this-galaxy dance moves, Sharks fans; it’s time to celebrate a home shutout! Let’s turn up the Blue Swede and groove along to the awesome highlights from last night’s win.

#1: Get Your Superhero On

They call themselves the Guardians of the Galaxy.

A post shared by San Jose Sharks (@sanjosesharks) on

Whoever decided to pair footage of the Sharks with “Seven Nation Army” and footage from Marvel’s blockbusters deserves a raise. Warning: Avoid watching if you don’t want to get psyched for another Sharks game tonight.

Bonus: Alter Egos

This is a joke. I’m Batman. Curtis is Robin! . . #dc #batman #hockey #tagteam #duo : @puckguy14

A post shared by Brodie Brazil (@brodienbcs) on

Even Brodie and Curtis got in on the superhero fun last night, putting out a call to fans on Twitter for the best photoshop job of them as the Dynamic Duo. Is it too soon to start a petition for them to host a pre- and post-game while dressed as Batman and Robin?

That’s all, folks! Tune in next Sunday for another installment of our favorite Sharks social media. Comment below with your favorite post from this week or tweet at me with your candidates for next week!