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Brent Burns named third star of the month

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Oh, and he’s still the favorite for the Norris

NHL: Chicago Blackhawks at San Jose Sharks John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports

The NHL named Brent Burns the third star of the month for January after the defender scored six goals and 12 assists to help the Sharks climb to first place in the Pacific. Burns also solidified his place atop the Norris race as he currently leads all defenders with 53 points and is only six points back of the overall lead.

Burns leads the NHL in shots on goal with 196 and remains the most dangerous offensive player on the Sharks over the past two seasons. His improved defense this season makes him an easy choice as the Sharks midseason MVP.

At this point it would take a catastrophic injury to take the Norris away from Burns as the Wookiee can set his eyes firmly upon the Hart. It would take a real surge in the second half to pry it away from Connor McDavid or Sidney Crosby, but with a weak schedule coming up Burns certainly has the firepower to get it done.

The Sharks take on Vancouver on Thursday before hosting Arizona on Saturday.