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The Daily Chum: Sharks play like ass, get spanked by Bruins

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That’s how that works, kids.

San Jose Sharks v Boston Bruins Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Sometimes the Sharks lose games they should win. Sometimes the Sharks win games they should lose. On Thursday night, the Sharks lost a game they absolutely deserved to lose. The Boston Bruins outplayed San Jose in every facet of the game in one of the ugliest losses of the Sharks’ season thus far.

You can point to losses to Arizona and Buffalo earlier this week if you’d like, but those came as a result of fluky bounces and poor special teams play. On Thursday, the Sharks got their butts kicked fair and square. They entered the first intermission down two goals, but you wouldn’t know judging by the way they came out to start the second.

Score effects be damned. There’s a compelling argument to be made for the Bruins entering the game highly motivated after the firing of Claude Julien, but San Jose showed little to no signs of life despite trailing by two goals at the start of the second stanza. That’s [insert your choice of disparaging word here], to say the least.

As the Bruins’ increased their lead, they only clamped down harder on the Sharks. Give credit to Boston for never sitting back on its leads, but San Jose played like hot garbage all over the ice — and it goes well beyond the above possession chart. Martin Jones dug the Sharks an early hole but San Jose continued to dig into it by taking sloppy penalties (sound familiar?)

As if to avenge a season of terrible shooting percentage, the Bruins scored on a whopping 18.18 percent of their shots on Thursday. To put that into perspective, San Jose’s best shooting percentage game of the season came in a 4-3 win over Carolina. The Sharks shot 20 percent in that game and have shot 18 percent or better three times (they’ve won in all three of those games). San Jose has won all but one of the games it has shot 13 percent or better in.

On another night, perhaps shrugging your shoulders and pointing to Jones’ terrible save percentage would be good enough. But that would ignore the rest of the terrible, awful and no-good game San Jose put together last night. Let’s take a quick look at the following chart from before washing our eyes out with bleach.

The soon-to-be-nicknamed line got its butt solidly handed to it in the goal department at 5v5. I just want to point that out as an example of how abhorrent last night’s game was. Let’s put this one in the rear view mirror as quickly as possible. Feel free to vent as necessary in the comments below.