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Sharks unveiled inaugural jerseys on this date in 1991

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Looking as fine and sexy as ever

Patrick Marleau

Hat tip goes to Twitter user Mike Commito for pointing out this bit of San Jose Sharks trivia: On this date in 1991, original owner George Gund and Gordie Howe unveiled Team Teal’s original jerseys, as you can see in Commito’s tweet below.

Those beauties look just as spectacular now as they did 26 years ago. They’ve obviously gone through some changes over the years, but frankly I would be just fine to see the Sharks run a press release tomorrow saying they’re switching to these bad boys full time from now on. San Jose wore Heritage Jerseys last season, which will hopefully come back to the fold in the coming seasons as the NHL transitions to Adidas as the official jersey partner.

That’s because everyone looks sharp in teal, Mike. Everyone does.

NBA All-Star Game 2016 Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Just put the jersey on, Mike. Put it on. Put the... never mind. Whatever. It doesn’t matter, you get the idea.