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Watch our remix of Wes McCauley’s incredible penalty call

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Your favorite referee is back

Phoenix Coyotes v Los Angeles Kings - Game Three Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images

We do not deserve Wes McCauley. Full disclosure: I do not know a single damn thing about the man’s ability as a referee, nor do I care. Why’s that? Because the man can do things like this:

That call, which comes from a game in which the Sharks’ clinched a playoff spot, is just a taste of the kind of panache McCauley brings on a nightly basis. The man knows drama better than Shakespeare for god’s sakes.

I’m pleased to let you know McCauley was back at it today in a tilt between Boston and Montreal. After a lively scrap between a pair of player, McCauley was on the mic and ... you’re just going to need to see this beauty for yourself, okay? Here’s the original in all its glory.

From here, I was inspired to create a remix dedicated to McCauley. If you’ll indulge me.... I give you, “Five for Fighting.”


By popular demand, I remixed the original with “We Have a Goal”

Five for Fighting (We Have a Goal Remix)

You asked for it. Five for Fighting has now been remixed with "We Have a Goal"

Posted by Fear The Fin on 13hb Februari 2017