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Fear the College Hockey: UC Davis and San Jose State battle in Tahoe Tournament

Pair of Northern California teams face off in tournament play

We don’t cover a lot of college hockey at Fear the Fin because, honestly, it just isn’t as big a deal in Northern California as it is in other parts of the country. Still, I’ve got a soft spot in my hearts for anyone who plays hockey in the Bay Area and beyond, so while Gordon Dickson of UC Davis and Corey Semmelmayer of San Jose State might not be household names — yet — I think it’s only right they get a little love on this webpage.

You already know a little about the Aggies from this post (which I am going to get on top of during the bye week, I promise, okay?) and you may be aware of Fear the Fin alum Jon Wold’s former affiliation with San Jose State hockey. So there’s a lot of teal and blue infusion coming up in the 6 p.m. game between the two teams.

The second round contest of the Pacific Collegiate Hockey Association Tournament between Davis and San Jose will be streamed in lower-than-average quality by BlackDog Enterprises for $9.99 if you’re really desperate to escape the Sharks-Coyotes game. You can also purchase it via Video On Demand in full quality after the game is completed.

If you’d prefer, you can also follow along on Twitter with the Aggies, the Spartans or, better yet, both. The Aggies and Spartans are Division II club hockey teams in the American Collegiate Hockey Association.