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The Daily Chum: The records of teams exiting their bye week

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Hint: They’re not great.

NHL: Boston Bruins at San Jose Sharks Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

Now enjoying the third full day of their five-day bye week, the Sharks can start thinking about the Vancouver Canucks. I think. I’m actually not sure if they’re allowed to think about hockey during the week. Well, we can think about it anyway. What started as a hunch (that teams coming off their bye week play poorly and lose a lot) has now blossomed into this post. So do the numbers back it up?

In a word: Yes! Teams sure lose a lot when coming off their bye week. 20 teams have taken their bye week so far and have lost 14 times when exiting them (I’m lumping overtime and regulation losses together here). Here’s the spreadsheet so you can see which teams have won and lost.

This isn’t perfect, of course. Some teams have played teams much better than them (the Devils played the Sharks) while others have played teams much worse. Perhaps some teams aren’t affected too much by long layoffs while others start slowly when taking multiple days off in a row. 20 games may sound like a nifty sample size, but... well, it’s not. That’s still pretty small!

So while my gut says the Sharks lose to the Canucks on Saturday because they don’t show up until the 30th minutes... That’s not based on any math or science. Who cares about those guys, though, amiright?