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The Daily Chum: Sharks stand pat as Pacific sets itself on fire

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Doug Wilson is chill though.

NHL: Edmonton Oilers at Tampa Bay Lightning Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports
  • The Sharks have made a grand total of one (1) trade this season: sending Tommy Wingels to the Ottawa Senators. The trade deadline comes up on Wednesday and general manager hasn’t made so much as a peep. That’s something I happen to be a big fan of — but that hasn’t stopped fellow Pacific general managers from wheeling and dealing.

Let’s catch up on what the Pacific has been up to over the past week, starting with the exceptionally weird Kings-trade-for-Ben-Bishop deal. Ready? Let’s dive in.

Kings trade for Ben Bishop

Kings Get:

  • Ben Bishop
  • 2017 5th round pick

Lightning Get:

  • Erik Cernak (Defender, 0.40 points per game in the OHL at 19 years old)
  • Peter Budaj
  • 2017 7th round pick
  • 2017 conditional pick

Who wins?

The goalie swap doesn’t matter much here. The Kings don’t need Bishop and the Lightning don’t need Bishop. Cernak is an okay prospect and so effectively the Kings gave him up and a seventh in exchange for a fifth. I’ll say the Bishop tacitly win this trade since neither team is very likely to make the playoffs at this point. Weird trade.

Coyotes finally trade Martin Hanzal

Coyotes Get:

  • Grayson Downing (24 year old forward, 0.61 points per game)
  • 2017 1st round pick
  • 2018 2nd round pick
  • 2019 conditional 4th round pick (condition: If Wild win one playoff round in the 2016/17 playoffs, it becomes 3rd round pick. If Wild win two rounds, it becomes 2nd round draft pick.)

Wild Get:

  • Martin Hanzal
  • Ryan White
  • 2017 4th round pick

Who wins?

Spoiler alert, not Minnesota. Here’s the deal: Hanzal is a good player. He’s only 30 years old and his 0.84 points per game is only 0.04 off his per game average despite playing for, you know, the Coyotes. That being said, the Coyotes got a tremendous haul for a player that isn’t a part of their future and is on an expiring contract. They got rid of Ryan White, too.

So... good for Minnesota for going all-in, I guess, but I can’t imagine why they felt they needed to do so in a year that offers a weaker than usual Western Conference but isn’t exactly ripe for the taking. Thanks for making the Coyotes better, you jerks!

Ducks get Patrick Eaves

Ducks Get:

  • Patrick Eaves

Stars Get:

  • Conditional 2017 2nd round pick

Who won?

This trade seems pretty even to me. Anaheim gets a decent scorer (albeit a guy who got minutes with very good players) while Dallas gets a solid pick in return since the Stars are very much out of the race.

I don’t think this is a situation where the Sharks need to get nervous, either. San Jose is still the best team in the division. That was true a week ago and it’s true now. Don’t make any rash moves and don’t go fishing because the rest of the division decided to do so. If a great move pops up, so be it. Otherwise? Let everyone else scramble.