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Fear the Q&A: Joonas Donskoi’s future, Toronto’s congestion and the ideal first round matchup for San Jose

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We cover it all.

NHL: Tampa Bay Lightning at San Jose Sharks John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports

I answered a handful of questions during my flight from Vancouver to Toronto (I wasn’t traded to Pension Plan Puppets, I’m sorry) for your reading pleasure. You can find them below with the accompanying tweets that spawned them. Enjoy.

Frankly, the Sharks should be comfortable with just about anyone they get in the first round. That being said ... I wouldn’t mind seeing the Oilers or the Canucks in the first round. If the season ended today, San Jose would play the Kings. That’s a series I think the Sharks win, but it’s not my first choice.

FALSE CHOICE! They should be able to keep both next season, but if they can only keep one I think it should be Thornton because his possession game is devastatingly important to the team. That being said, if Marleau keeps piling up goals the way he is that decision would become a whole lot tougher.

Well Ryan Carpenter is the guy who will lose his spot in the lineup by my estimation, but Donskoi won’t be playing as the fourth line center. I expect Donskoi will rejoin Logan Couture on the second line ... though perhaps head coach Pete DeBoer likes what he’s seen enough from the second line that Donskoi goes to the third line instead?

Oh boy. I’ll make this the greatest Sharks ever to rule out guys who were great players but not as Sharks (we’ll call it the ‘eff you, Teemu,’ rule, because I’m petty). In no particular order ... please don’t yell at me ... Joe Thornton, Patrick Marleau, Owen Nolan, Evgeni Nabokov, Owen Nolan and Marc-Edouard Vlasic would be my top five. Pavelski just misses the cut. Oh, and in fairness to @theroadcrowd he corrected his Burns typo in his next tweet.

Absolutely they would. They traded for Roman Polak and Nick Spaling last year and thought it was a good idea. Should they? Almost certainly not based on how good the team already is and what they’ve got cooking on the Barracuda.

I think he’s very much part of the immediate future and is less expendable than someone like Joel Ward who is more expensive and produces at about the same rate. The Sharks have guys coming up, but Donskoi isn’t the guy San Jose should be looking at shipping out when someone like Danny O’Regan or Nikolay Goldobin breaks the roster; at least, not in my opinion.

More home games can only be a good thing for the organization (unless the Sharks continue to not sell out playoff games, which I guess is a possibility). More money should mean more investment and that should be a good thing for the fans in the long run. Plus, home-ice does make a difference, if only a small one, in the postseason. DeBoer might not match lines in the regular season, but he’ll do it in the playoffs.

Either cut the streetcar bullshit and get serious about investing in the subway system or restrict car traffic on roads with streetcars. All this half-assing is only making the problem worse for everyone. Your highways are screwed, I can’t help you there. Just blow them up and start over.