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Mike Smith goes on tirade in case of mistaken identity

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The Arizona goalie went after Timo Meier ... for no reason.

NHL: Los Angeles Kings at Arizona Coyotes Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Smith, noted Jonathan Quick impersonator, chased down Timo Meier late in the first period of Saturday’s game after a teammate collided with the Arizona netminder and knocked off his mask. Smith mistakenly thought Meier crashed into the goalie, hence his frustration.

What came next was a mass of bodies behind the Arizona net with Smith trying to get after the San Jose rookie. It was a wild scene, but not exactly the first time we’ve seen Smith lose his cool. It ended up working out just fine for the Sharks as both Smith and Luke Schenn got roughing minors while San Jose didn’t pick up a single penalty.

That set up the Sharks with a full-length 5-on-3 opportunity. Perhaps more importantly, it gave us a great soundbite as a referee repeatedly yelled at Smith to “get back in your fucking net” on a hot mic. Gotta love live television!

The game is scoreless after the first period.