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Contest: Name the Patrick Marleau, Mikkel Boedker, Logan Couture line

Win a t-shirt if I like what you come up with

San Jose Sharks v Colorado Avalanche Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Now that it’s well established Patrick Marleau needs to play with Logan Couture and Mikkel Boedker (need proof? Read on) we need a snappy name for the new line. That’s where the fine readers of Fear the Fin come in. I want your creativity to shine here. So head to the comments and come up with a nickname for the new line and I’ll pick my favorite.

What’s in it for you? Good question. You pick any Breaking T San Jose Sharks shirt and I’ll buy it for you. We’ll sort out the details when it comes to that. I’ll run this contest for as long as it takes. Want more chances to win? I like your style. There’s a second contest going on right now... right over here.

The MCB Line was my first idea and it’s terrible, so don’t try that. We’ve also given the Handsome Line a shot so that’s off limits as well. I’m not saying that’s not the best idea ... but it does have to be better than that if you want to win a t-shirt. Alright? Good deal. May the best nickname win.