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Watch all 19 goals Patrick Marleau has scored this season

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What, like you had plans?

San Jose Sharks v Pittsburgh Penguins Photo by Justin Berl/Getty Images

I put together a video of Patrick Marleau scoring each of his 19 goals this season to celebrate Mr. Shark scoring his 500th career goal. It takes fewer than four minutes to complete and let’s be honest, you don’t have anything better to do this afternoon, evening or whenever it is that you’ve gotten a chance to watch this video.

Was I right? I was right, right? While you might think most of these came in the past week and a half, Marleau’s goal scoring has actually been relatively consistent this season. Check out the graph below to see Marleau’s goal scoring pace this season.

Can you find where he scored four goals in one game? Okay, so other than that one game Marleau has been very consistent this season. So consistent that he has put himself at fifth on the Sharks in points (30) and second on the team in goals behind only Brent Burns who has 22. Marleau is tied for 22nd in the NHL in goals scored — not too shabby for a guy who celebrated his 37th birthday on Sept. 15.