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NHL general manager meeting roundup

GMs are cowards and little of consequence will change

World Cup Of Hockey 2016 - Media Day Photo by Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images

We’ll hit on more of this later on, but for now here’s an overview on what was covered at the NHL general manager meetings. Discuss at your leisure.

The salary cap will (probably) increase!

That helps everyone, obviously, and should give the Sharks a little more flexibility going forward as some of these young guys will be getting raises soon.

A more sensible bye week is coming

This makes a lot more sense than the current system.

Maybe no more timeouts after icing?

File this under “the NHL doesn’t understand why scoring is down.”

General managers are too scared to give us protected player lists

They’re going to say they’re protecting the players, but let’s be real: they just don’t want fans to evaluate how they evaluate talent.

Sweden wants their players out of the AHL

(You know, kinda like that Marcus Sorensen guy, who happens to be in the NHL at the moment. Not that I’d classify him as young anymore, but you get the idea.)

Gary Bettman still really wants to go to the 2022 Olympics instead of the 2018 games

If I’m the IOC, I tell Bettman to kiss my ass. It’s both or neither, baby.

Meanwhile, let’s check in on how the players feel...

Yeah, they still want to go.