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Fear the Fincast: Sharks lead Oilers early in first round

How can San Jose build on Game One success?

San Jose Sharks v Edmonton Oilers - Game One Photo by Codie McLachlan/Getty Images

Marcus (likeabossk) and Jacob (that’s me) will go live on Google Hangouts (or whatever we’re calling this now) to talk about the San Jose Sharks at 10:30 p.m. PT tonight. If that’s too late for you (it’s honestly too late for me, too) you can catch the archived version below (that’s also where the live version is!) and on iTunes.

You can chat with us here.

Here’s some stuff we’re going to hit on in tonight’s show:

  • Why the Sharks won game one
  • Why the Sharks will win game two
  • Why the Sharks won’t win game two
  • Marcus and Jacob’s laissez-faire attitude towards the 2017 playoffs
  • The type of alcohol Jacob consumed during the overtime period
  • How great it is that the Kings aren’t in the playoffs
  • Whatever stupid shit happened during the Flames and Ducks game
  • Logan Couture’s performance in game one (not great!)
  • Tomas Hertl’s performance in game one (very great!)
  • Pete DeBoer getting the better of the changes in game one (LOL!)
  • Other stuff