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Ex-Shark of the Week: Raffi Torres

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The most mercurial forward in San Jose history is this week’s ex-Shark.

San Jose Sharks v Phoenix Coyotes
Noble Shark Raffi Torres during his time in teal.

Just kidding. This post is merely a reminder that you should dislike the Edmonton Oilers very much. Do not forget that. It may be tempting to root for them so this year’s Sharks look better in retrospect. Do not fool yourselves.

“Yeah, I just got a text from Joe Thornton,” Raffi Torres told the Edmonton Journal last week. “But you know what they say … once an Oiler, always an Oiler, right?”

San Jose still needs to exact revenge for Milan Michalek and 2006. Oilers fans might not remember it, but we do. Raffi Torres is a scourge unto the game of hockey and I’m glad he’s retired. Go Sharks.

Ex-Shark of the Week will return in earnest when we’re done licking our wounds.