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Thornton and Couture eye return for playoffs

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No official timeline in place as of today

NHL: Ottawa Senators at San Jose Sharks John Hefti-USA TODAY Sports

Shark fans finally get to breathe a collective sigh of relief as Joe Thornton spoke to the media today after taking to the ice for a skate before practice. He said very confidently he would be back for the first round of the San Jose Sharks playoff run.

When I saw the clip of him skating this morning it didn’t inspire a ton of confidence but he said there was no swelling the next day and the MRI looked fine: both very positive things for Sharks fans. While the long-term news is good based on the test results I’m still a little skeptical of how close to 100% he will be the next time he steps on the ice to play a real game.

You can hear Thornton’s comments here:

Logan Couture looked really good on his skates but already ruled himself out for tomorrow’s game. He too expects to return for the playoff run. He claimed the biggest adjustment will be skating with the full cage and making sure he is able to breathe. His return will be decided by his ability to take contact.

You can listen to Logan Couture’s comments here: