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Fear the Fin picks the 2017 Stanley Cup Final

Lots of love for the Music City.

NHL: Stanley Cup Final-Media Day Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports


P.K. Subban...hello.

That's basically what the esteemed Fear the Fin writing team has said with their Stanley Cup Final picks, as all but two writers picked the Predators.

One of those writers, Aaron, will take the crown as Most Accurate Picker, Fear the Fin division if the Penguins win. Mark can climb as high as fifth in the standings and in to a Europa League place if the Penguins win.

So, there's plenty of intrigue in this round. You can view our Cup picks below, or by following this link. Our picks for the previous three rounds can be found here, here, and here, in case you'd like to bask in our reflected glory, or make fun of me for getting three of four first round picks in the West wrong.

Stanley Cup Final picks

Writer (pts) Penguins-Predators
Writer (pts) Penguins-Predators
Matt (105) Predators in 7
Jacob (105) Predators in 7
Aaron (100) Penguins in 6
Ryan (95) Predators in 6
Erik (90) Predators in 6
Marcus (75) Predators in 5
Mark (75) Penguins in 6
Evan (65) Predators in 7
Sie (65) Predators in 6
Kyle (60) Predators in 7