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Sharks reveal new shoulder patches, tease Adidas jersey

Their new uniforms will be revealed tomorrow.

The San Jose Sharks will have new shoulder patches,featuring the team’s updated secondary logo, as the league shifts to Adidas as its jersey manufacturer, the team teased today in a Twitter video.

The secondary logo was first revealed last summer, and designed by Terry Smith, the artist responsible for the Sharks’ original logo in 1991 and the team’s redesign in 2007. But, it had not been used on the team’s uniforms until now.

The logo, in the opinion of this design amateur, is a substantial upgrade over the one that preceded it on the Sharks’ shoulders. It combines elements of the shoulder logos that came before it, and strikes the right balance between similarity and distinctiveness from the main logo.

The Sharks, along with the rest of the league, will unveil their new-look, Adidas uniforms tomorrow.