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NHL, Adidas release new jersey designs

Okay, you can still call them sweaters, I guess


The NHL has officially removed the Reebok mask from their jersey supplier, revealing that it was old man Adidas from the carnival all along. Tuesday night, Adidas revealed their much anticipated designs for new jerseys for all 31 NHL teams (an hour after the information leaked, of course, this is still the NHL). San Jose’s jersey seems to fall into the “pretty much the same” category, with some minor tweaks to the collar, and some new logos the main differences.

Along with the new collar, Adidas revealed draft hats for the 31 teams, which correlate with the three stripe patters (branding!) on the sleeves. Here’s a closer look at the new logo on the hats, and the new collar design.

In case you were worried, the Sharks’ road jerseys are still among the hottest in the league (I’m a sucker for those Dallas whites).

The rest of the league’s jerseys vary from great (Vegas, Carolina, Montreal) to bad (New Jersey, Washington, Calgary), to downright monstrous (Nashville, Nashville, Nashville, oh god Nashville what have you done).

All Day I Destroy Appalachian Sports? Not my best. Here’s a closer look at some of the new draft hats for some of the teams. Again, the Vegas colors look great, we just have to wait a few years for them to drop the “Golden” from their name and maybe we’ll invite them to sit with us.

Finally, fresh from the strip, an action shot of a presumably very short plastic man modeling the new threads.

So, pass or fail? What do y’all think?