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Cut Us Some Slack: The writers break down the Josh Norris pick

Our new series debuts with a discussion on the Josh Norris pick.

2017 NHL Draft - Round One Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Welcome to the first post in a semi-regular series, “Cut Us Some Slack,” where we post (lightly-edited) transcripts of the writers’ discussions of Sharks news, events, and other topics. First up: a brief breakdown from last night of San Jose’s first round pick, Josh Norris.

Marcus White [7:49 PM PST]

So, how does everyone feel about the pick?

I won't claim to know anything about him, but this feels awfully safe.

Erik Johnsgard [7:49 PM]

Pretty solidly meh.

Marcus White [7:50 PM]

I was personally in favor of taking a chance on a high-upside winger. Reading about Kostin made him seem like a Wilson pick: high effort, leadership experience.

[7:51 PM]

What's the upshot on Norris?

Erik Johnsgard [7:54 PM]

Very athletic, really good skater, especially in his first few strides, creative with regards to lateral movement and edge work. Not a super high ceiling, but a pretty high floor.

[7:55 PM]

And he's committed to NCAA which is DW catnip.

East Bay Ry [8:02 PM]

It seems to me like he's going to be Chris Tierney. Nothing wrong with that, Tierney is a solid depth center. But guys like that are easier to find in later round than are potential game breakers.

Erik Johnsgard [8:12 PM]

Maybe DW's cadre decided that Norris was their guy early? If so, trading down would be a little risky, since grandpa Bobbo had Norris ranked 23rd overall. I wouldn't be surprised if the Rangers' Bowers pick was a backup and they wanted Norris more. All conjecture, of course, but the draft after the first few picks is such a gamble and "I don't know" does not a compelling analysis make.

Marcus White [8:14 PM]

This is true

[8:15 PM]

Of the guys that were still available, who did we want to see?

Erik Johnsgard [8:16 PM]

I'm still really high on Ryan Poehling, I would have liked a Vesaleinen pick a lot as well.

Marcus White [8:23 PM]

I would have liked Yamamoto there, too. Bummed we are going to have to see him in the division

Erik Johnsgard [9:11 PM]

My bad, Ottawa picked Bowers, not New York. I'm trippin'.

East Bay Ry [9:19 PM]

I want the Sharks to draft there most skilled, highest, upside with every pick they make. In this case, I think that was Yamamoto.

Marcus White [9:21 PM]

I think if there was any time to take a chance on such a player, it was now. Already have Tierney, O'Regan, Chartier, Rod in the system. Wingers are...Meier and Labanc? Sorensen, too.

[9:22 PM]

I wonder if Norris makes another one of those centers expendable down the line. He's a UM commit so we may not see him for a while

[9:23 PM]

I do like reading about his speed, though.

Erik Johnsgard [9:26 PM]

Ah, we'll just move centers around to all the positions wherever, like usual, right?

Marcus White [9:27 PM]

It's certainly an approach that's worked before

Sie Nicole [9:48 PM]

I think the collegiate thing is an upside. We don't have a lot of guys in the NCAA system right now and I'm sure that Norris being described as a playmaker is something that is appealing to a team that will likely lose a lot of its veteran playmakers soon enough.

[9:49 PM]

I think Yamamoto and Poehling being available made the Norris pick seem kind of out of left field, but so far, I like what Norris brings to the table.

Marcus White [10:03 PM]

Hopefully he + Gambrell face off in a Frozen Four next year

[10:03 PM]

What areas do you hope to see the Sharks address on Saturday?

[10:04 PM]

I'd love for Ivan Lodnia to slip to them tomorrow, but there are a decent amount of names still on the board.

Erik Johnsgard [10:11 PM]

If Grant Mismash falls to 49 I think he'd be a steal. And his name is fun. So there's that.

Marcus White [10:12 PM]

The headline potential is amazing

East Bay Ry [10:21 PM]

I want to see them draft skilled players, even (or especially) if there are questions about their size or speed. You're not going to draft the next Joe Pavelski unless you draft guys like Joe Pavelski.

Erik Johnsgard [10:27 PM]

There's an argument, though, that the higher risk picks should be reserved for later rounds, when there's less to lose. Pavelski was a super low risk pick.

Marcus White [10:34 PM]

And they've definitely hit there lately. O'Regan, DeMelo, Ryan, Labanc all in the mix for next year and all were drafted in the last three rounds

East Bay Ry [10:47 PM]

I'm not suggesting that they should have gone completely off the board in round one. I want to see them prioritize skill over speed over size in any round.