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Burns, Thornton to appear in ESPN Body Issue

Jumbo and Burnzie strip down to the beards.

In the ninth annual edition of ESPN The Magazine’s Body Issue, Brent Burns and Joe Thornton are among the 23 athletes to be featured.

This shouldn’t be an issue for Jumbo, who is frequently missing his shirt during post-game interviews. According to his cousin Scott Thornton, they had to get bathrobes in San Jose because of Jumbo being naked so often.

“Joe’s the reason we got bathrobes in San Jose. After a game he’d be doing interviews naked or he’d have a jock strap on, innocent things for him, so they went out and bought us official San Jose Sharks bathrobes.”

If just a jock strap is considered innocent by Thornton’s standards, the Body Issue is practically Sports Illustrated for Kids.

Brent Burns seems like he’s always down for weird stuff. There isn’t much that’s weirder than a naked face-off. Thankfully, neither player scored four goals.

Demers made that photo his Twitter header, as if it isn’t seared onto my brain already.

Also featured will be members of the U.S. Women’s National Hockey Team. The full list is embedded below: