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Belated birthday wishes to Mary Ann Pavelski, our favorite hockey grandma

She proves you’re never too old to dominate social media.

We missed an important story yesterday. Mary Ann Pavelski, grandmother of San Jose Sharks captain Joe Pavelski, celebrated her birthday.

The elder Pavelski is an unquestionably essential follow on Twitter. She first tweeted in May, 2016 to promote her Grandson’s campaign to get on the cover of NHL 17.

The Pavelski push wasn’t enough, as the Sharks captain lost out on the cover to Vladimir Tarasenko. But we were the real winners, as Mary Ann has become a social media staple 14 months and 60 tweets later. Here, in honor of her birthday, are some of the best.

We could all stand to learn a thing or two from her on social media. In fact, Fear the Fin’s Twitter account would be much better if she was in charge than whoever is currently. [Editor’s Note: That is, indeed, a self-own.]

So a happy belated birthday to Mary Ann Pavelski! We’re sorry we missed it, but sure the love of her eight children, 18 grandchildren, and seven (soon-to-be eight!) great-grandchildren made up for it.