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Top 25 San Jose Sharks Under 25: No. 20 Scott Reedy might be a perfect organizational fit

The forward’s big body and big personality are cause for excitement.

2017 NHL Draft - Rounds 2-7 Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

The second 2017 draft pick to make our top 25 list came at a bit of a cost. San Jose traded their fourth round (123rd overall) and sixth round (174th overall) picks to the New York Rangers in exchange for a fourth round (102nd overall) pick in order to draft Scott Reedy. At 102, it’s surprising that Reedy hadn’t already been picked - draft projections had him between 40th and 77th. It’s likely he would have been taken before the Sharks’ 123rd pick.

It’d be difficult to make a case that Reedy wasn’t worth it. A Prior Lake, Minnesota native, Reedy grew up around hockey. His older brother, Will, plays in the North American Hockey League. Scott says he looked up to his brother and that they pushed each other to be better.

Where ever the motivation is coming from now that they play in different leagues, Reedy maintains it. He’s a motivated player and a hard worker, who compares himself to John Tavares. At 6’1” and 203 lbs with a projected top six ceiling, the pieces are there for the comparisons to be made.

John Wroblewski, the Team USA U-18 coach said this of Reedy last season:

"I actually pointed him out in the locker room because I thought he was amazing on the puck," Wroblewski said. "I talked about that nose-to-the-net attitude and the ability just to be extremely difficult to play against and he was that and then some. He was an absolute moose to play against."

Wroblewski went on to say that Reedy is “fearless” and has the potential to be a top line player.

Reedy has committed to the University of Minnesota for the 2017-18 season. The NCAA is going to be a good place for him to continue the work he started in the USNTDP to become a better play-maker and skater.

There’s a lot of upside to this prospect, especially in the context of how he’ll fit into the Sharks’ system. There may no longer be a need to acquire Tavares if Reedy can develop into a Tavares of our own.

What puts Reedy over the edge in fitting into the organization, though, is his personality. He was a favorite among the Sharks’ picks and he’s “absolutely” ready to start growing out his beard:


Name: Scott Reedy

Age (as of 9/9/17): 18

Position: Center/Right Wing

Last Year’s Ranking: N/A

2015-16 Team: USNTDP, USHL/US National U18 Team A

Where he’ll (probably) be next year: University of Minnesota

What we like

Reedy’s work ethic stands out above the rest. The size and skills are all there, they just need some focusing and no one is more aware of what needs work than he is.

What to improve on

Over this past season with the USNTDP, Reedy aimed to improve his speed, particularly in his first step and changing directions. While improvements were made, there’s still work to be done. His scoring touch will benefit from NCAA play, as well.


Reedy tallied a hat trick with the USNTDP against Arizona State University this February. Though they would go on to lose 3-6, Reedy scored three very different kinds of goals and made his presence felt on the ice.