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Patrick Marleau flies to Toronto, reminds us all he’s no longer a Shark

This is nightmare, and unfortunately, reality.

The most accomplished player in San Jose Sharks history will soon be skating in the Six with his new woes, as former Shark and current Toronto Maple Leafs forward Patrick Marleau flew from the Bay Area to Toronto today. Christina Marleau revealed his departure in a black-and-white photo on Twitter this afternoon.

Seeing him sign in Toronto was one thing. Seeing him wear a Leafs jersey for the first time was another. Seeing him physically leave San Jose, with Sharks and Maple Leafs bags in tow? It’s all starting to become way too real.

Marleau will fly back to San Jose with his new teammates in October, when he plays his first game at SAP Center as an opponent on October 30. You can read all of our coverage from the offseason on Marleau’s departure here, and be sure to head to sister blog Pension Plan Puppets for the Toronto fan perspective.