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ICYMI: The Shark Tank has an actual shark tank

It’s time for #FBF and Sharkception is officially upon us.

Close-up of Sharks’ insignia in the new shark tank.
Close-up of shark tank details.

Have you ever wanted to watch baby sharks in a shark tank while watching the Sharks at the Shark Tank? (Phew!) If so, read on for a Flashback Friday recap of the newest installation at the SAP Center.

In case you missed it, our beloved San Jose Sharks have installed an aquarium in the SAP Center. Both the Sharks’ official twitter and SJ Sharkie’s twitter posted photos and updates as the installation progressed on September 6th and as the sharks were added on the 7th. The Sharks have also confirmed that the design process and installation will be broadcast on a future episode of the Animal Planet show “Tanked.”

According to The Mercury News, the newest feature of the Shark Tank is a 2,000-gallon seventeen-foot long saltwater aquarium and is located in the new BMW Lounge at SAP Center. It contains about a dozen small sharks and close to thirty other fish swimming happily among teal-colored decorations. Highlights of the décor include a goalie mask, San Jose branded mini-hockey sticks, pucks, and signage, in addition to the coral-covered rocks. However, the appropriately sized shark’s head is by far the most striking piece of décor in the tank.

Notable members of the tank’s residents include epaulette sharks, bamboo sharks, horned sharks, and one catshark. While the baby sharks are a foot or less in length right now, they will grow to be three feet – so just barely longer than Thorton and Burns’ beards by current estimates.

Ticketholders with access to the newly renovated BMW lounge will get their first glimpse of the tank during the preseason games. More images and videos of the tank can be found at the official Sharks twitter and SJ Sharkie’s twitter.

All in all, with the hockey décor, we finally have an answer to the question “What do the Sharks do when they’re not on the ice?” The answer, clearly, is play tank hockey.

When the season opens on October 4th, the Sharks may have to start a “name the baby sharks” campaign.