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#TBT: What’s Your Oldest Piece of Sharks Gear?

Show me what you got!

2015 NHL Draft - Portraits
Do you own a piece of gear that is older than Timo?
Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

Editor’s Note: To get everyone excited for the season to start, we’ll be running a #TBT post every Thursday, focused on your memories as a Sharks fan. You can keep the conversation going in the comments or head over to the Fanposts section to tell your own story! If we like your story, we’ll feature it on the Fear the Fin Twitter. This week, we’re throwing it back to your first piece of Sharks gear.

As I have previously mentioned, I’ve been a fan of the San Jose Sharks Hockey Club since before they had a name. I was 13 in 1991, and was overjoyed to get Sharks gear for my birthday or Christmas.

The first piece of Sharks gear that I remember getting was a black cap with the original team wordmark in teal. I have no idea what happened to that hat. The next thing I remember getting was a mug, which broke in about 1993. After that, I remember getting this Christmas ornament:

Me. I took this picture.

Pretty sweet, eh? I hung it proudly every year until 2016. Unfortunately, my wonderful children thought it was pretty cool and decided to play with it. And of course they broke it.

Which brings me to this sweet pennant. I don’t have specific dates for when I acquired any of these items, but I am confident that this is the oldest piece of Sharks gear that I still own:

This bad picture was taken by EBR. He is bad at photography.

It currently resides in my liquor cabinet, as the Sharks are the reason I drink.

What about you? What is the oldest piece of Sharks gear that you own?

Or, at least, tell me what you got