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Deep Blue Sea: Winnipeg is eating Shark

That’ll show us!

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NHL: JAN 07 Sharks at Jets Photo by Terrence Lee/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Despite beating the Sharks the last time these two teams met, a Winnipeg restaurant owner is still bitter about some comments made by Sharks players in a video where they were asked about the worst city to visit in the NHL. In response to the comments, Tony “Definitely Not Mad” Siwicki will be adding Shark to the menu of Silver Heights restaurant in St. James as the Jets visit the Sharks in San Jose tonight.

Let’s be real: There are far worse things the Sharks could’ve said about Winnipeg other than “it’s cold and dark” and asking if they have WiFi yet.

For example — and this is just off the dome here:

People die there, Tony. Murdered.

If I’m a professional athlete, I don’t think I’m all too excited about heading to a town where people are super into stabbing other people to death. Just a thought!

Jokes aside, I’m curious about serving Shark and not sure I’d be down for eating it. Apparently the Shark Siwicki will be using is BC Spiny Dogfish, also known as the Mud Shark. A well thought out burn, but now I kind of want the Allen Americans to finally go full #brand #loyalty and take on this weird looking Shark as their new identity.

Here’s a daily dose of Sharks news:

And the blood in the water from around the league:

As always, go ahead and discuss these topics (or some of your own) in the comments below. It’s game day, so we’ll have plenty to talk about through the day.