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Deep Blue Sea: Keeping DoPS busy

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A daily dose of Sharks news and notes, with an open discussion thread.

San Jose Sharks v Colorado Avalanche Photo by Michael Martin/NHLI via Getty Images

Ho boy, Hertl. That hit last night could mean a call from the Department of Player Safety is coming for the young Sharks’ forward.

But he’s not the only one! The BruinsBrad Marchand is under fire for an elbowing incident yesterday against Marcus Johanssen of the New Jersey Devils. Unlike Hertl, Marchand wasn’t penalized on the play, but he also has a lengthy history of questionable plays that Hertl lacks.

With inconsistencies in how the league doles out punishment, for all we know, Marchand could get a slap on the wrist while Hertl sits for a game. Welcome to the Department of Player Safety, where everything is made up and the fines don’t matter.

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