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Deep Blue Sea: Orange beards massive success against orange team

Sharks news and notes and an open discussion thread.

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Edmonton Oilers v San Jose Sharks

God bless Joakim Ryan and Joe Pavelski and their perfect ginger beards.

Look, I know there are a lot of beards on this team. Brent Burns and Joe Thornton are always going to get the attention for their larger than life facial hair. But for a moment, let’s reflect oh just how good Pavelski and Ryan are in the facial hair department: neat, trimmed, full, ginger. Are these not the best qualities a beard can have?

Something about the bearded duo was working last night, because these two combined for six points against the Edmonton Oilers, including Ryan’s first and second NHL goals.

And in front of their dads, no less!

Here’s what people who don’t write for us have been saying about the Sharks:

And from the world of hockey: