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Deep Blue Sea: Deep Dive

A new episode of our favorite series was released last night

San Jose Sharks v Anaheim Ducks

The Sharks’ social media has always been top-notch. While their holiday videos tend to get the most attention, The Deep has always been the thing I point to when people ask me, “Why should I care about the Sharks?” And honestly? Nine times out of ten, it makes people care about the Sharks at least a little bit more than they did before.

The web episodes detail and document the goings on of the organization. The newest episode, released late last night, walks through the Hayden Bradley signing, the Joe Thornton injury, and how the team is heading into the condensed second half of the season.

Watch the episode, The Sum of Our Parts, below:

Here’s more Sharks news and notes:

And news from around the league and PyeongChang: