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Deep Blue Sea: What happened to Jannik Hansen?

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Sharks news and notes and an open discussion thread.

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Vancouver Canucks v San Jose Sharks Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Ed Willes, a Canucks writer for The Province, sat down with Jannik Hansen, former Vancouver Canuck, to talk about his season with the Sharks while the Canucks were in town on Thursday.

Honestly? It’s sad as hell.

We’ve all known he’s been struggling, but seeing it laid out like that feels a little brutal. Between Hansen’s attempts to stay positive and make the most of his opportunities, and Pete DeBoer splitting the blame between them, Willes paints a pretty vivid picture of a player who wants to be successful in this league and can’t seem to make it happen.

You can read the piece in full below, along with additional Sharks news and notes:

Here’s some blood in the water around the league: