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Deep Blue Sea: Time is a flat circle

Logan Couture and Joe Thornton injured? What is this, 2017?

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San Jose Sharks v Detroit Red Wings Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

In the third period of last night’s match up against the Columbus Blue Jackets, Logan Couture ate puck, thanks to the usual suspect in these types of situations, Brent Burns. The scene was depressingly familiar.

Last night’s incident felt slightly less dramatic. I mean, jesus, in that Nashville game, you see Ryan Ellis put his hand on Couture’s shoulder to see if he’s okay and Logan waves him off to immediately skate to the dressing room. Last night, he skated to the bench doubled over and, according to Alison Lukan of The Athletic, slammed his stick against the boards on his way to the dressing room.

Sharks fans everywhere panicked: Life without Couture and Thornton wasn’t too great the last time around, but at least they still had Marleau. What would they do now?

Luckily, Couture returned a few minutes later. Seems pretty cruel to make the dude with a visibly swollen mouth do a post-game interview, but Couture reassured everyone that he is okay:

“Nothing came out,” he said of his teeth, which were replaced last year. “But probably end up having to do something when we get back to San Jose again.”

Good luck to Logan’s dentist.

At least they got the win, right?

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