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Deep Blue Sea: Alex Burrows is a player’s safety nightmare

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Today’s open discussion thread isn’t pretty.

New Jersey Devils v Ottawa Senators Photo by Francois Laplante/NHLI via Getty Images

In last night’s match up between the New Jersey Devils and the Ottawa Senators, things got a little heated.

With ten minutes left in the second period, Senators forward Alex Burrows took on Devils forward Taylor Hall. Hall attempts to leave a scrum in front of the Senators’ net after it becomes dislodged. Burrows finds him and tackles him to the ice, punching his head repeatedly. Once Hall was leveled, Burrows began kneeing Hall’s head against the ice, with his skate blades flying in the air behind him.

You can see two angles of the play below:

Burrows has been involved in controversy before, having been fined as a member of the Vancouver Canucks in 2010 for alleging that an official had it out for him when he was called for diving, interference, and unsportsmanlike conduct in a game against the Nashville Predators. He’s also no stranger to violence, having been investigated for striking a 19-year-old goaltender in the face during a summer league in 2009. He was suspended for three games in 2014 for an illegal check to the head of Alexei Emelin.

Ten years Hall’s senior, Burrows plays a style of hockey that has no place in the modern NHL, and frankly, never should have had a place in the sport. He’s lucky his skate blade didn’t catch anyone while he was kneeing Hall, because he certainly didn’t know where it was or who was near it. The play was reckless, dangerous, and disgusting.

Burrows waived his right to an in-person hearing, signalling a suspension of at least six games is coming. But with inconsistencies from the Department of Player Safety this year, it’s easy to say that it won’t be enough.

You can read more about it below, but first, here’s Sharks news and notes:

And blood in the water around the league: