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Deep Blue Sea: Sorensen and Heed sent down

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Obviously we all want to die, but we have to get through this.

NHL: JAN 05 Sharks at Senators Photo by Richard A. Whittaker/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Poor Tim Heed.

After starting the season looking like a solid future for the San Jose blue line, Heed has spent the last month being swapped in and out with Dylan DeMelo, sitting in the press box more often than not. Heed hasn’t played in nearly a month, last appearing against the Arizona Coyotes on January 13.

With 11 points in 27 games, it’s unclear why the organization has suddenly soured on Heed. He was injured back in November resulting in missing a few games and has been in and out of the line up since. He’s now missed twelve straight games.

The demotion could simply be to get him ice time. If the organization is pleased with DeMelo’s play, then sending Heed down will keep him ready to go when they need him to slot back into the line up in the future. It will also benefit a struggling Barracuda squad.

Or it could be part of something larger. Tim Heed and Joakim Ryan are the only blueliners that are still waivers-exempt. With Martin in the AHL, it’s clear that Ryan is the new Wookie Whisperer, tasked with cleaning up Brent Burns’ messes. That leaves Heed as someone to be sent down. His cap hit is small at $650,000, but the Sharks could be making room, with the trade deadline just three weeks away. It also saves the team some money, as this is the last year where Heed makes less money ($300,000) playing in the minors. From an organizational standpoint, there’s a clear benefit.

But for a team whose defense was the only consistent factor for so much of the season, seeing them struggle without Heed makes this move confusing.

Marcus Sorensen was also sent down over Danny O’Regan. First in, first out it seems.

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