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Deep Blue Sea: The Olympics are here!

Night one featured some really killer curling.

Curling - Winter Olympics Day 0 Photo by Robert Cianflone/Getty Images

The Sharks just lost their third home game in a row, but it’s fine (it’s not) because there’s no better way to forget your troubles and just have fun than watching the Olympics. The 2018 Winter Games started up in Pyeongchang, South Korea yesterday, and events like curling and figure skating have already begun.

Presumably, we’re all here for hockey, which doesn’t start for another day or so. Women’s hockey starts on February 10, 2018 at 11:45pm sharp with a match between Sweden and Japan, and the first United States women’s team game is on February 11 at, you guessed it, 11:45pm, against Finland. The first men’s hockey games will be between Slovakia and Russia—sorry, Olympic Athletes from Russia—on February 14 at 4:10am, and USA and Slovenia at the same time.

We’ve already talked for months about how a lack of NHL presence at the games is going to affect the performance of the men’s teams in the tournament, but the time has come to see what really unfolds. I think the lack of star power on the US men’s team leaves enough room in the spotlight for the US women’s team to shine, and, for better or worse, I’m more excited to watch the women play than I am the men. Either way, the Olympics are important to our community if we are aiming to be inclusive, which we have to be if we want others to #LikeMySport. The Olympics do great work of spreading the game throughout the world, and I think the most important storyline for the Winter Games should be that.

Schedules for Olympic hockey as well as things to look out for at the Games can be found below, but first, a bit of Sharks news:

And some news from around the NHL and the world: